Included in every shoot, package, or subscription:

-Up to 30 Photographs for homes 0-2,999 Sq. ft. and up to 35 for 3,000 and above

-2 Quality Levels included (small, large)

-instant Electronic File Transfer

- All photos shot in High Dynamic Range for a more realistic look with sharper detail

-48 Hour turn around 


"By far the best residential photographer in the area. Mike Hall is known for his attention to detail, perfect lighting, and ability to capture a home's true beauty and size. He is talented, kind, dependable, honest, and one of the hardest working people I have met in this industry. I am lucky to do business with him and can trust he will execute above and beyond every single time."  - MaryAnne, Root Realty
"Excellent photographer; professional, on time, flexible with appointments and scopes of work. Does a great job ensuring each shot is framed correctly, wonderful editing, and delivers the product quickly through a very easy to use webpage." - Seth, Coldwell Banker Vanguard
"He is a very personable and caring photographer who wants to make sure you get the best product in order to best service your customer. I definitely intend to utilize his services again just as soon as I can!" - Tony, Coldwell Banker Vanguard

The property will be photographed as is upon arrival.  To ensure the best quality photos please review the suggestions list below and apply it to the home as needed.  Click here for a printable checklist


   Move vehicles from drive and away from the front of home

   Place trash barrels in the garage or out of sight

   Cut grass and remove all weeds from cracks in concrete

   Clean the windows

   Remove the yard sign



   Remove any Calendars

   Clear all counter tops

   Remove magnets, pictures, etc. from appliances

   Clean appliances

   Remove trashcan



   Put toilet lids down

   Clear the counter tops

   Remove cleaning brushes and trashcans

   Close shower curtains-  custom tiled bath can be showcased with shower curtain half-open

   Toilet roll holder should be full



   Open all drapes and blinds on windows with a good view

   For security, remove any expensive artwork and firearms from view

   Turn all ceiling fans OFF

   Turn all inside lights ON

   Turn all televisions OFF

   Make beds

   Close closet doors

   Remove evidence of pets

   Conceal cords

   Replace any burnt out light bulbs